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Makropol is an identity based in Copenhagen founded by media director Mads Damsbo. Makropol wants to curate and create transforming audiovisual experiences in a digital age. Together with film producers and directors, interaction designers and game designers, artist and coders, Makropol is a progressive hotbed for talents who work with storytelling in this new media landscape.


Makropol takes pride in being undefined until it’s connected to an idea or project. It has an ever-changing nature, which is what makes it flexible and applicable in cross-medial constellations. Take a look at our projects or current endeavours below.


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The Doghouse

Digital presskit

Digital Thinktank

The National Filmschool of Denmark




Cph Phil #2

How To Say Goodbye



May 6 2015

To kick off Makropol’s grand collaboration with Copenhagen Phil, we are inviting interested to join us for a night of symphonic experiments.

For now I cant say more, but take a look at the Facebook event if you want to come.

The craft of building your own medium.

Mar 19 2015

As a catalyst and producer of several media experiences, Mads has always been interested in the role of the user (formally known as the audience) and their interactions with stories. He believes that if content is king, then context is queen, and thus the medium that channels the story in some ways actually is the story.
Through various cases, like the virtual reality piece “The Doghouse” and the location- aware sound­sharing app “Recho”, he will explore some of the building blocks that are available for storytellers and experience designers in this new paradigm.

Next upp CIID. Get tickets here.

Digital Biscuit

Feb 5 2015

Makropol was proud to present The Dog house at this years film and technology forum Digital Biscuit in Dublin.

We had the honor of hosting the great David Chase (Sopranos) at the table where he had the delight of becoming a danish middel age mom with a drinking problem. He remained remarkably silent during the 18 minutes inside the VR experience.

Meanwhile, Mads gave a talk about crafting ones own medium for storytelling, which was pretty well received. So… it might not be the last time this will be the subject for a public rant.

See a description of the talk here.

Mads at TEDx HoP

Aug 5 2014

This years Ted x event at the House of Parliament in London had its focus on democracy and in that context, Mads was invited to speak about democratising classical music.
So with WOO as an example he took the stage on the little round red carpet and gave it a shot. Here is the result.

Recho 1.0

Mar 18 2014

Things have really started to move here at Makropol. And the first mover of them all is Recho. An app that leaves sounds where they where recorded. This cute little socialmedia soundspecific audio-thing has been supported by the progressive Shareplay and is set to launch for the public at SPOT festival in the beginning of May.

At the same time, Recho won a startup-competition in Oslo called Mashup Norway where part of the prize was an all included trip to Sillicon Valley to pitch to VCs and collaborators. Recho also became part of the hyped SWIM lab where it is set to be developed further with the help of international tutors and consultants.

Click by this page to learn more about Recho. See video below for a short walkthrough.

Recho was created by Åsmund Sollihøgda and Mads Damsbo by the seaside in Cannes, France, last year. It’s since been made in to a functional prototype and attracted various content providers and partners, such as The Danish National Broadcaster, Unesco and The Danish Cultural Heritage Program.



Jan 24 2014

FIPA, Festivales Internationale des Programmes Audiovisuel, is happening now in Biarritz, France – and we are here! Why you ask? Well because are project World Online Orchestra (WOO) has been chosen to compete in the interactive section of the festival called SMART FIP@.

Yesterday we presented WOO and we were extremely happy to feature a live performance of a musician recording directly in to the WOO. See the video below.

Havn’t tried the WOO beta yet? Well dont delay, try it here: WOO

Happy New Year

Jan 2 2014

2013 was WUNDERBAR and we cant wait to show you whats in store for 2014. This video will give some hints.

Story Music

Nov 9 2013

This fall has been fantastic. First our virtual reality project goes trough and now, after many months of development (and impatience) New Danish Screen decided to support the development of a prototype for an interactive documentary about the talented singer songwriter Teitur.

The project is called Story Music, as does Teiturs album, and features 10 original songs and fantastic footage from the Faroe islands where Teitur found his inspiration.

The point of the interactive format will be to let people choose their own path through the film, thus resonating with the theme of the music, that one should follow the beat of ones own heart.


Sep 24 2013

Just in. Makropol has been given the opportunity to do something that nobody has done before. A virtual reality arthouse film.

We call the project SKAMMEKROGEN which in Danish means the nook of shame. This is because the story revolves around the unstated shame around a family dinner table and the consequences of letting the truth out. But this dinner is not experienced flat on a screen, not nearly.

The Danish Film Institute – apparently – believe that we can forge a narrative where audience members will experience the scene as if they where inside the characters looking out. Luckily we believe the same. And so does Dark Matters, whom we are embarking with on this crazy ride in innovating media experiences.

So look forward to an in body experience – coming spring 2014.


Aug 12 2013

Over the summer Makropol has been cursing the internet connection between Canada and Denmark. Why? Because our interactive symphony is being build by the great people of Helios Design Labs and Skype simply can’t handle 3 way video conferences with screen-share.

Anyway – our 10 weeks of coding, crunching and designing is beginning to pay of and soon we can release the beta model. We can’t wait.


mads damsbo - founder and lead producer

Mads has been working in the cross-fire between living images and online user-experiences for several years. His work began at the National Gallery of Denmark and has from there developed into a quest to push the limits of what this new storytelling platform can do. In 2011 he founded the company Makropol together with a film producer and a digital anthropologist. Mads background is in filmmaking as a producer at the renowned alternative film school Super16 and holds a BA in media directing from the Danish school of Media and Journalism.
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