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Makropol is an entity formed of artist and entrepreneurs, filmmakers and designers. Based in Copenhagen and lead by Johan Knattrup Jensen and Mads Damsbo, Makropol strives to create transforming stories with tools from the new digital age. Our credo is that art can drive innovation, and innovation can be art.

Our current obsession and fascination is with how we tell great stories in virtual reality.

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Oct 10 2016

Makropol is growing – fast. And we are looking for dedicated talent to join our team. With several major projects already in production and more to come, we are looking to hire independent individuals that are ready to be busy, and able to think on their feet. Makropol is a production facility that churns out a wide variety of content, from VR fiction and documentary to art installations and interactive live events. See for a list of projects.

Makropol is lead by director Johan Knattrup Jensen and producer Mads Damsbo, with Darshika Karanuhara as head of Education.

We are looking for an experienced and hardworking producer that is up for a challenge. We are good at financing projects but we need help controlling our budgets and keeping track of all our ideas. We need someone that wants to learn how to produce content and experiences in a new digital reality, but that at the same time has experience in producing in the old analogue one.

We are open to provide production facilities for a new producer’s own ideas, so that we can fully integrate you as a Makropol producer. For more information about the job, feel free to contact Mads Damsbo at +45 61606164

Are you a fabulous geek? Do you love fiddling with new tech and invent weird contraptions that solve problems? Do you like cameras and do you know your way around any OS and can adapt to any interface? Do you like putting things in their place and keeping yourself updated? Then you might be perfect for this job.

We are always coming up with new workflows and methods for creating our experiences, and we need someone to help invent, run, and coordinate this playground, so we dont waste time reinventing the wheel every time.

This job begins now! Depending on your availability of course.

You are creative with code. You are not hardcore, but a generalist, ready to imagine how any idea could be solved. You have experience in interaction design and/or game design and you have a strong opinion about aesthetics. You are ready to build a prototype in 24 hours to prove a point, and you are comfortable with running af team of developers.

Job begins from November 1st. (Own hardware is a plus.)

All terms and salaries will be negotiated in light of qualifications and commitment. Send your application to

DEADLINE for application is Monday the 24th of October, interviews will be held immediately after.


Jul 4 2016

You are hovering above a broad river, with lush fields to each
of your sides. You slowly start to float forward. As you climb
the side of the river, the landscape changes from the dark
green, fertile fields into a dry and impoverished landscape.

This is Malawi. A nation of contrast. A nation in dire need of
food. A nation going through what’s been called, the ‘slow,
silent disaster’. Due to several factors, like a flood last
year, and a drought this year, the crops have failed, and the
government has declared the need of food a national crisis.

One hour from the river lives Edward, his wife, and their 6
children, in a house surrounded by a garden. This was once a
paradise. But as everything else around here, the garden is no
longer a garden, but a desert with a few once green tops of

Ewa is going to Cannes Marché.

Apr 22 2016

As part of the NEXT platform in Cannes during what is called VR days, Makropol will be screening the brand new EWA pilot and a special multiple serving of the Doghouse.
So come by the NEXT pavillion monday the 16th of May from 10 am get inside the head of someone else, and leave your body in Cannes.
See the full Line up here -> link

To walk among the music

Apr 14 2016

Makropol produced this little journey. Watch it with your mobile phone and headphones.

NEW EYES for students

Feb 17 2016


The “NEW EYES” concept uses a combination of virtual reality video and corresponding learning material to create an innovative and immersive way of teaching in the Danish primary school. By using Google Cardboard Glasses we make abstract and complex content tangible and even exciting. Through the glasses pupils will enter a virtual world where they will feel and experience what a teacher can only attempt to explain.

The first material to be launched under the NEW EYES concept is called NEW EYES ON THE WORLD, it looks to engage pupils in the UN’s 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.



Feb 9 2016

Ewa is a woman that anyone can embody. She is a chance to become present in a fiction.

It’s a story of a young girls coming of age and her struggle to escape her given reality.

Her story will depend on the subject inside her. But remember, to become Ewa, she will in turn become you.

Ewa is slowly becoming real and will ultimately exist as a feature length virtual reality film experience.

VR:NORDIC will be a (new) reality.

Jun 10 2015

The promise of VR is unfolding all around the world. Triggered by Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus, global players are emerging with accessible consumer friendly tech that will allow millions of audiences to experience the thrill of escaping reality. Samsung and Oculus, with their Gear VR and Google with Cardboard VR, have cheekily set the scene for an early peak in to this fascinating future, but the question remains; What will we be experiencing, in these virtual realities?

To answer this we will invite 10 up and coming Nordic artist, filmmakers and experience designers to submit their vision of what the medium can convey. With a small budget, and access to Makropol’s VR record kit, talents will produce experimental experiences, focused on storytelling, lasting up to 10 minutes, that will premiere during CPH:DOX at a symposium dedicated to VR. International guests and speakers will be flown in to give their perspectives of the emerging possibilities and pitfalls of VR. All the original VR experiences will be gathered on an app (VR:CHANNEL) that will work as a continued feed of new experiences to be explored through smartphone VR devices.

VR:NORDIC is supported by Nordic Culture Fund.

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May 6 2015

To kick off Makropol’s grand collaboration with Copenhagen Phil, we are inviting interested to join us for a night of symphonic experiments.

For now I cant say more, but take a look at the Facebook event if you want to come.

The craft of building your own medium.

Mar 19 2015

As a catalyst and producer of several media experiences, Mads has always been interested in the role of the user (formally known as the audience) and their interactions with stories. He believes that if content is king, then context is queen, and thus the medium that channels the story in some ways actually is the story.
Through various cases, like the virtual reality piece “The Doghouse” and the location- aware sound­sharing app “Recho”, he will explore some of the building blocks that are available for storytellers and experience designers in this new paradigm.

Next upp CIID. Get tickets here.

Digital Biscuit

Feb 5 2015

Makropol was proud to present The Dog house at this years film and technology forum Digital Biscuit in Dublin.

We had the honor of hosting the great David Chase (Sopranos) at the table where he had the delight of becoming a danish middel age mom with a drinking problem. He remained remarkably silent during the 18 minutes inside the VR experience.

Meanwhile, Mads gave a talk about crafting ones own medium for storytelling, which was pretty well received. So… it might not be the last time this will be the subject for a public rant.

See a description of the talk here.


mads damsbo – Founder and lead producer

With a background in film and media directing and with a passion for technology and experience design, Mads has found himself involved in a wide variety of alternative projects exploring the frontier of new media storytelling. He considers himself a craftsman and creative producer, and sometimes an artist and conceptual junkie.

Contact: | +45 61 60 61 64
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johan knattrup jensen – Partner, director and artist

Johan is schooled through the progressive alternative filmschool Super16 where he wasted his time doing regular “boring” films. Now with Makropol, he has reborn himself as a conceptual writer, experience deliverer, chairman of THE board and shaman.

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darshika karunahara – Business developer and community manager.

After working four years as a marketing coordinator for IBM, Darshika learned that making erotic podcasts and empowering challenged communities through new technology was more rewarding, and as the VR wave started to appear in the horizon she wasn’t shy to jump on her boogie board and surf with Makropol, where she now serves as a beacon for how to turn new media experiences in to sustainable business.

Contact: | +45 28 18 36 66
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Marie Ramhøj & Pernille Gliese – Media directors and designers

Inseparable from birth, these two bundles of hyper energy have rolled fresh out from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, where they worked dedicated on Virtual Reality Education Films. Now – they are the core of Makropol’s efforts to bring quality edutainment to schools.

Contact: |

Simon Herzog – Maker, interaction designer, and communicator.

Simon has specialised in one thing – everything. His fascination with technology, history, and nature, combined with his incorrigible optimism, has driven him to invent, cultivate, and communicate impactful ideas. When he’s not designing devices and experiences, he’s a pitch coach and startup consultant committed to bring out the best in people and their ventures. In his sparse free time Simon enjoys futurism, birds of prey, and lock picking.



sven vinge madsen – Realisateur, professeur, sculpteur.

Sven walks the fine line between earthbound humbleness and outspoken megalomania. He is by far the most knowledgeable man connected to Makropol, reaching from English litteratur, through Russian avantgarde filmmaking and to American history. When Sven isn’t working on his documentary masterpiece (a reconstruction of his father) he enjoys french cuisine, boating and late nights alone with Louis CK and pornhub.

Can not be contacted.


Marcel Mate – ADHD ASS.

To quote Marcel: “You need to make me your assistant, because I’m the kind of guy that got a helicopter for my last production – for free.” – enough said.

Contact: | +45 28 99 48 37


signe ungermand – 4ever intern.

Signe joined Makropol in the process of exploring new corners of virtual reality. Her mark on this process is still visible today. Signe is not with us anymore, she is busy watching 2-for-1 movies at the cinema on Tuesday nights, and gambling all of her Goverment-funded money on under the alias CallMeMorfar.