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The Shared individual

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Physical Films

Mar 30 2018

For the first time ever, The National Filmschool decided to give the senior students a taste of how their skills as storytellers could translate in to a new medium. Makropol was asked to guide them through a week of exploration and production of “physical” films that would create embodyment for the audience and become installations in their own right.

The results where ambitious, funny, touching and thought provoking. Beware of these new talents, they are not afraid of anything!

The 1 heart club

Jun 21 2017

Our production The Shared Individual had the chance to be screened at the Royal Theater of Denmark, so we grabbed the chance and set it up for one night only. Even though the critic that reviewed the performance didn’t transcend, we had wonderful reactions to the experience. And now we can say we are part of the 1 heart club.
Thanks to everyone involved, especially Copenhagen Streaming for saving the live feed 1 minute before showstart! Copenhagen Streaming


Apr 25 2017



Together with DR we just released this little VR film. Its what we call a DISASTER FORECAST.

Directed by Johan Knattrup Jensen

Sounddesign by Brian Dyrby

VFX by IAN from Slowmotion FX.

Shot on Nokia OZO


Mar 13 2017


-> Do you want to work with established and pioneering artists?

-> Do you want to help shape new methods for creative collaboration?

-> Do you want to be part of a movement towards new horizons in interactive art?


MAKROPOL is inviting talented, curious and enthusiastic people to participate in our pioneering project: TRAVERSE. During 14 days in the beginning of May 2017 five specially invited and established Nordic artists will collaborate on developing and creating a grand virtual reality exhibition for CLICK festival. The final works will be exhibited at a major Danish art gallery.

TRAVERSE is an annual laboratory that aims at developing alternative cross media productions and methodologies for artistic collaboration, as well as designing novel encounters between art and its audience.

Become part of the team

We are looking for students, nerds, creative minds, hardcore amateurs and newcomers alike, in order to establish a pool of resources that can assist and take part in the visions of the five artists. You will work side by side with the artists and help shape the creative processes and the final art works.

We need people who have experience with:

Coding and programming, 3D graphics, game design, sound design, the performing arts, installation art, light design, stage design.

We also need:

Producers, assistants, project coordinators, process analysts, communication specialists.

Apply before 26/3-2017

If you want to get involved send us a brief description of yourself along with your CV.  Tell us why you want to be part of the project and what skills you can offer. The five artists will handpick the people they need for their productions.


Doom Room – Sold out

Feb 8 2017

After 2 weekends of screening DOOM ROOM at Chateau Motel in Copenhagen, Doom Room is now showing 4 more nights. The massive interest and great reviews have reminded us that there is a large audience hungry for new types of experiences. Ones that are neither, theater nor film, neither art nor commercial. Experiences that in them selves justify their own existence. This will not be forgotten.

doom-room symbol


Oct 10 2016

Makropol is growing – fast. And we are looking for dedicated talent to join our team. With several major projects already in production and more to come, we are looking to hire independent individuals that are ready to be busy, and able to think on their feet. Makropol is a production facility that churns out a wide variety of content, from VR fiction and documentary to art installations and interactive live events. See for a list of projects.

Makropol is lead by director Johan Knattrup Jensen and producer Mads Damsbo, with Darshika Karanuhara as head of Education.

We are looking for an experienced and hardworking producer that is up for a challenge. We are good at financing projects but we need help controlling our budgets and keeping track of all our ideas. We need someone that wants to learn how to produce content and experiences in a new digital reality, but that at the same time has experience in producing in the old analogue one.

We are open to provide production facilities for a new producer’s own ideas, so that we can fully integrate you as a Makropol producer. For more information about the job, feel free to contact Mads Damsbo at +45 61606164

Are you a fabulous geek? Do you love fiddling with new tech and invent weird contraptions that solve problems? Do you like cameras and do you know your way around any OS and can adapt to any interface? Do you like putting things in their place and keeping yourself updated? Then you might be perfect for this job.

We are always coming up with new workflows and methods for creating our experiences, and we need someone to help invent, run, and coordinate this playground, so we dont waste time reinventing the wheel every time.

This job begins now! Depending on your availability of course.

You are creative with code. You are not hardcore, but a generalist, ready to imagine how any idea could be solved. You have experience in interaction design and/or game design and you have a strong opinion about aesthetics. You are ready to build a prototype in 24 hours to prove a point, and you are comfortable with running af team of developers.

Job begins from November 1st. (Own hardware is a plus.)

All terms and salaries will be negotiated in light of qualifications and commitment. Send your application to

DEADLINE for application is Monday the 24th of October, interviews will be held immediately after.


Jul 4 2016

You are hovering above a broad river, with lush fields to each
of your sides. You slowly start to float forward. As you climb
the side of the river, the landscape changes from the dark
green, fertile fields into a dry and impoverished landscape.

This is Malawi. A nation of contrast. A nation in dire need of
food. A nation going through what’s been called, the ‘slow,
silent disaster’. Due to several factors, like a flood last
year, and a drought this year, the crops have failed, and the
government has declared the need of food a national crisis.

One hour from the river lives Edward, his wife, and their 6
children, in a house surrounded by a garden. This was once a
paradise. But as everything else around here, the garden is no
longer a garden, but a desert with a few once green tops of

Ewa is going to Cannes Marché.

Apr 22 2016

As part of the NEXT platform in Cannes during what is called VR days, Makropol will be screening the brand new EWA pilot and a special multiple serving of the Doghouse.
So come by the NEXT pavillion monday the 16th of May from 10 am get inside the head of someone else, and leave your body in Cannes.
See the full Line up here -> link

To walk among the music

Apr 14 2016

Makropol produced this little journey. Watch it with your mobile phone and headphones.

NEW EYES for students

Feb 17 2016


The “NEW EYES” concept uses a combination of virtual reality video and corresponding learning material to create an innovative and immersive way of teaching in the Danish primary school. By using Google Cardboard Glasses we make abstract and complex content tangible and even exciting. Through the glasses pupils will enter a virtual world where they will feel and experience what a teacher can only attempt to explain.

The first material to be launched under the NEW EYES concept is called NEW EYES ON THE WORLD, it looks to engage pupils in the UN’s 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.



mads damsbo – Founder and lead producer

With a background in film and media directing and with a passion for technology and experience design, Mads has found himself involved in a wide variety of alternative projects exploring the frontier of new media storytelling. He considers himself a craftsman and creative producer, and sometimes an artist and conceptual junkie.

Contact: | +45 61 60 61 64
Follow: twitter | facebook | linkedin | instagram


johan knattrup jensen – Partner, director and artist

Johan is schooled through the progressive alternative filmschool Super16 where he wasted his time doing regular “boring” films. Now with Makropol, he has reborn himself as a conceptual writer, experience deliverer, chairman of THE board and shaman.

Follow: twitter

MAKROPOL_Presse_02_byTobias Selnæs Markussen


sarah chheiber – Producer assitant

With her unparalleled sense of overview and responsibility, Sarah keeps track of everything that happens at Makropol and ensures that it all runs smoothly. She has a background in film and media and is a passionate film nerd.

Fun fact: she loves cats, quizzes and astrology – and makes a mean hummus. 


balder brüsch – Postproduction coordinator.

Ever since Balder ran away from circus he has been looking for a new one. At Makropol he found the digital kind. As the technical ringmaster, he now has to juggle every idea that is thrown his way, all the while he has to balance on the ridge between his need for thoroughness and our idea’s potential for disaster.

Contact: | +45 60 64 87 52

mads michelsen – Sound designer

With a background as a composer and musician, Mads approaches everything he does with a great sense of precision and attention to detail and quality. He is a perfectionist and aesthetic to the bone and has a deep passion for 3D sound and sound in general. 


amalie solander – Technical assistant

For a long time, Amalie thought that she would work for Disney and create the greatest animation films of all time. However, through her bachelor in Medialogy, she discovered her true passion; human computer interaction. She has played around with both VR-, AV-productions and interactive installations. As long as it has something to do with creating novel experiences that involve interaction between humans and digital technologies, Amalie is intrigued!


peter hjorth – VFX

As the eccentric professor of visual effects and creative use of technology, Peter refuses to think small and challenges every concept and idea at Makropol to find the exact point of progression. With his 30 years of experience as visual effects supervisor on major feature films like Melancholia and Antichrist we dare not oppose, instead we listen and learn – and get things DONE.

Because DONE is the engine of more.